The Best Virtual Reality Apps/Players For Watching Movies And TV Shows

Most people love movies more than anything else. I too love movies and series. TV shows might be boring to me but I’m sure most of you love them and would spend much of your free time watching them. You have the passion, attitude, VR headset, and taste of the best movies but, what virtual apps are you going to use? Getting the best app for the virtual streaming of movies and TV shows can be a task you don’t want to be part of. Yes! You don’t have to panic because we are going to look at the best virtual apps for watching movies and make your work much easy. Take a look at the following amazing apps/ players.

1. Netflix VR

Have you used Netflix before? If you have not, then subscribe to the package of your choice but movie fanatics must have used Netflix or have a current subscription on Netflix.  

Do not keep asking yourself what a Netflix VR is because I have the answer right here; Netflix VR is an app like many others but it gives Netflix users the capability of watching movies and show on Google Daydream View VR and Oculus. It allows the subscribers to apply either void mode or living room experience. 

Using Netflix VR allows you to view movies and shows on VR. 

To watch Netflix VR using Oculus Rift, you need to download the Netflix app from the Oculus store. For Google Daydream View VR, you will have to have to download and install the Netflix app from the play store, launch it, and insert your Netflix logins. As easy as that and you are in.

Netflix VR has one major disadvantage; content from this app cannot be downloaded to your PC or phone. You will constantly have to use WiFi or an internet connection. Netflix VR also does not support 3D videos.

2. Prime Video VR

This app is very simple and easy to use. It has one environment mode, virtual cinema, but has a void mode which you can adjust to wherever you want and whenever you want.

This app is available on amazon. Unlike Netflix, you can watch content on Amazon Prime even if you are not subscribed.

As I have said earlier, this is one of the simplest and easy use apps. You can find it on amazon; 

Additionally, the app will allow you to have set your screen size in 3 different sizes.

3. Skybox VR Player

I love this VR player. It is one of the best you can find in your search currently. The features are amazing, you will love them. Here are some of the amazing features;

  • You can change the screen size, tune 3D and change display settings 
  • It has amazing environments with light levels that you can tune freely, the environments include; Void, Moon, cinema, and Space Station.
  •  You can play and watch local files over a local network with ease.
  • Supports; Gear VR, Vive, Oculus, Steam, and Daydream.

Amazingly, the player is free. The player is so flexible that you view your local files.

4. Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop has the widest range of headset support, it supports; Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift and Rift S, Valve Index, Gear VR, Vive Cosmos, Vive, Vive Pro, and Oculus Go.

It also has amazing features you will love to see such as; many 3D settings, a Curved screen, smooth video playback.

The virtual Desktop app allows you to play movies from your computer or Notebook without any restriction. 

It also has amazing movie environments such as; Computer rooms, Home Cinemas, Auditorium, Purple Nebula, and Void.

However, the app has one major demerit, it is not created as a movie player but it creates a platform for your computer where you can view movies, that is, instead of your monitor display, the VR Headset displays.

5. Hulu VR

Hulu has an amazing deal where it offers you free VR services. Unlike Netflix VR, you can use Hulu for free when using VR services only. 

Hulu supports 3D videos. You will need to have a Hulu Live account to view more of the shows and movies available on this app. The free VR services also allow you to customize the environment of viewing hence an amazing VR experience.

The app is compatible with very many headsets. I will not list all of them but here are some; HP Windows Headset, Acer Windows, Lenovo Explorer Windows, and Dell Visor.

For Google Daydream View, installing the Hulu app is the easiest, you just need to go to Google Play, download Hulu and install.

6. Regular Web Browser

VR content is supported on several web browsers. This will make it easy for you since all you need is the web browser and you can watch whatever movie or show you want directly from your web browser.

You can as well watch 3D videos comfortably and adjust video settings whenever you want manually.

7. Bigscreen Desktop

This app may seem similar to a Virtual desktop but it has more amazing features. In this app, you can watch movies and still chat and connect with other people on the platform.  You just have to create an avatar, then you will be represented in the virtual room by the avatar you’ve created. You will chat with other people in the virtual rooms while your movie is loading. You can as well create a personal room where you and your family can comfortably watch movies without chatting with other people. 

The movie environments on this app are so many, I cannot mention all of them. It is an app with more than 30 VR movie environments. You can watch movies for free if you connect to rooms that other people have created but the app is also free.

8. Disney Movies VR

We Disney fans cannot let go of any opportunity of experiencing a 3D film. This app will make you feel the Disney you like. You will not most of your favorite films which makes the app somehow unreliable but you can add films from Marvel, and Pixar. 

Another amazing thing about this app is that you can invite friends to watch video clips of the movies you have watched.

9. Plex VR

This is a wonderful app for the VR experience. This app adds to the list of apps that allow you to invite friends to share the same experience. Plex VR, however, can only accommodate not more than 4 of your friends. You can create a room just like the other apps where you can watch movies and shows in VR. 

The additional thing about this app is that you can use your day-dream enabled android phone to enjoy VR. You only need to include a Plex VR app and VR headset to enjoy Plex VR services.

10. Center

You will love the distinct feature of this app. It has a unique movie environment that most apps do not have, for instance, when watching a romantic movie, the app has an environment of a wonderful tropical island.

The app also allows you to watch your movies and films in 3D hence the best and amazing VR experience you can ever find. You will get to experience all the theatre actions at the comfort of your home.


You can bring the theatre to your home and enjoy every action with your friends while conversing using the apps described above. You just have to choose one that impresses you the most.  In the current situation, the public gathering may not have resumed fully due to the Omicron covid-19 variant but you can enjoy your movies in VR from your home seat.

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