What Should I Do When My LG TV Says WIFI Is Turned Off?

The TV generation has grown immensely and in the current world, using an LG smart TV might be extremely boring if it is not connected to WIFI. You might be experiencing this problem where your LG TV tells you that WIFI is turned off. You don’t need to worry much because we have some tips on how to simply fix the problem in the comfort of your home.

Why Is My LG TV WIFI Not Functional?

There are a number of common issues that may lead to your LG TV WIFI appear turned off. These problems cut across every user and it is very necessary to take a close look at them so as to curb this problem. These issues include:

  • WIFI might be turned off in your settings
  • Wrong time and date setting
  • Improper DNS setting
  • Your router might be off or cables connecting the TV to the router might be improperly put.
  • WIFI signals might be interfered with in your area

How To Fix My LG TV WIFI Is Turned Off Problem?

As stated above, there are a number of reasons as to why your LG TV shows that the WIFI is turned off. Here are some effective ways of solving these problems and ensuring that your LG TV has WIFI working.

1. Confirm the date and time settings

It is important to ensure that your date and time are up to date according to your time zone. Here are some steps of setting the same;

  • Move to settings using your remote
  • Select ‘General’ 
  • Choose ‘ Date and Time’
  • Set it manually according to your time zone.

2. Check your DNS Settings

This is one of the software problems that may result to your WIFI turned-off problem on your LG TV. The following is the procedure of setting up the DNS:

  • Go to Settings after pressing the Menu button of your remote control
  • Select ‘All Settings’ and then click on ‘Network’
  • Select ‘WI-FI’ Connection and choose ‘Advanced WI-FI’
  • Click on ‘Edit’ and then enter your IP within your area as well as router’s network mask.
  • Input the DNS address and then click ‘Connect

3. Soft reboot your LG TV 

This is achieved by turning off your TV and unplugging the power cable from the power source.

Give it about 3-4 minutes before turning it on. Check if the WIFI connection is working well.

4. Restart your WIFI Router

You can do this by turning it off and disconnecting it from power source for some time (about 3 minutes) then putting it on again and try connecting.

How to switch on WIFI on my LG TV?

Without a remote:

A mouse is used in the event that you are not using your remote control. Using an appropriate mouse that is compatible with your LG TV, follow the following steps;

  1. Make sure your mouse is connected to the TV using the USB Port 
  2. Using your mouse, click on the TV’s physical button and select the Input option
  3. Then click on the Live TV option
  4. Move the cursor to the Menu (on the right of your screen)
  5. Go to the channel icon
  6. You will notice a ‘you are not connected’ notice. A network window setting will open, follow all the instructions that come thereafter.
  7. Enter you WIFI password after clicking router SSID icon. Set it to automatically log in to your WIFI.

Using your LG remote control:

Make sure that your WIFI router is on and functional even in other devices.

  • Click the button written ‘Smart’ on your remote.
  • Go to ‘Home Menu’ and go to Settings then press OK
  • Choose ‘Network’ and then ‘WIFI Connection
  • A list of available networks will pop up, choose your network 
  • Key in your password and then connect 
  • Set it to connect automatically

This is the easiest set of steps to start your LG TV WIFI connection.


What do I do if the problem persists?

If the problem is consistent, there are some more ways of solving this problem. They include:

1. Factory Reset 

Use your remote for a simpler action:

  • Press Home
  • Choose Settings and then go to General Menu
  • Select Reset To Initial Settings
  • Do the reset.

2. Check cable connection to the WIFI router and the other end of the TV WIFI module

Make sure the cables are connected to the right ports and that there is no intertwining of wires as well as wrong placement. Follow the manual to connect these cables.

3. Check the WIFI strength in your area

Your WIFI might be too weak to support internet connectivity. You can confirm using other devices that use the same intensity of WIFI strength.

How do I adjust The WIFI module wires?

This can be easily done. You can do it yourself following these steps: 

  1. Open the screws at the back of your TV
  2. The WIFI module in most cases is covered using a blue tape, to get the cables/ wires, remove the blue tape 
  3. Using your fingers, locate the bent and folded wire, make then straight
  4. Put back the screws carefully.
  5. Put on the TV and confirm if the error is rectified.


The above given procedures have proven to work at greater percentage. We hope that the procedures works best for you. If in any case no of the above works, confirm if your LG TV is a Smart TV and in severe cases contact a specialist to fix the same. Keep connected to this website for more tech know how.


  • We would highly recommend you to start with checking your router and WIFI connections before doing anything to your TV
  • Start with soft rebooting before trying any other procedure
  • Do not open the back of your TV if you are not well conversant with the same.
  • Do not involve external unprofessional parties to take part in the action.
  • In severe cases, only contact professional personnel or visit the nearest LG customer care.
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