What You Need To Know About Samsung TV Plus

What Is Samsung Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is a free ad supported service that delivers over 200 channels in the US. It is one of the top performing apps on smart tvs and smart devices platforms.

Samsung Plus is an app developed by Samsung in their recent invention that will allow you to watch programs and shows on your Samsung TV without subscription as a requirement. You don’t need to have a subscription to enjoy its services. Purchasing the latest Samsung smart TV is all you need to enjoy over 200 channels, movies and tv shows from the comfort of your home.

Can I Install Samsung TV Plus On Any Smart TV? (Other Than Samsung)

Just as the name suggests Samsung TV models stand the priority when it comes to supporting the app. However, you may not enjoy using this app if you have a very old Samsung TV model. New Samsung models come with the app pre-installed. If you want to purchase a Samsung TV then you will have to consider the latest model to have the best experience. You are, however, not restricted to the very latest model since other Samsung models from 2016 to date can support the app efficiently.

It is not established whether other TV models and brands can support the app but there could be some models and brands that may successfully support the Samsung plus app.

What Other Devices Support The Samsung Plus App?

We have not discovered more devices that can support the app but some Samsung smartphones do support the app successfully. The app may not be pre-installed in some Samsung phones but works well when installed in these Samsung smartphones. However, we anticipate the new smartphone models from Samsung to have this app pre-installed by the manufacturer so that users can enjoy using it without the task of downloading and installing the app. Some devices like the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note20 support the Samsung Plus App. 

Do I Need A Subscription To Use The Samsung Plus App?

The app is free. You don’t need to use any credit card or create an account like for Netflix or Amazon Prime App. You will just stream your programs freely without any charges attached. You only need to have an updated Samsung TV that supports the app. However, nothing comes without a sweat, Samsung is also in business and would want to make revenues in any way possible. For this reason, the app comes with ads that cannot be blocked. Whenever you are watching your content be sure to expect ads that you cannot avoid. Anyway, the app is free, why would you bother?

Do I Need Internet Connection To Use The App? 

Bearing in mind that there are ads that cannot be blocked on this app, the app must use an internet connection to function. Most / all smart TVs require a stable internet connection whenever you are using services other than local channels connected to an antenna, Samsung is no exception. You may enjoy streaming programs using the app if the internet connection is not stable enough. Establish a very stable internet connection before using the app so that you are not frustrated once you begin streaming.

What Content Can I Watch Using The Samsung TV Plus?

You can watch a lot of content on different channels offered by Samsung Plus. However, the number of channels differs from one location to another. Your region may not support so many channels like others. This is a feature that is out of your control whenever you are using the app. For instance, the users in the US have an advantage of 100 channels that you can browse and stream whenever you want on this app.

Some of the channels and programs with exclusive content that you can stream on this app include:

  • Wrestling on the TNA Impact Wrestling channel.
  • Cooking and world’s different recipes/dishes on Bon Appetit channel.
  • CBS News for news lovers.
  • Shout Factory TV for movies and exclusive content like Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Baywatch.
  • Court TV Live.

Is Samsung TV Plus Used In All Countries?

Samsung TV Plus is not available in all countries across the world. The app was recently made and not many countries enjoy it’s use. You might have purchased the latest Samsung TV model and can see the app but you can’t use it if it is not supported in your location. Currently, 27 countries can use the app freely. You might be lucky to be in one of them. They include Canada, The United States, Mexico, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, India, Thailand, Brazil, France, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Portugal, and The United Kingdom.

Is It Possible To Include Additional Channels To Samsung TV Plus?

The app is controlled by manufacturers and you as the user has limited control over the app. You will have to use the services provided by the app and not third parties. If you want other channels, then this might not be a suitable option for you. You  may need to use other third-party devices like Fire Stick on the TV and log out of the app. We hope that Samsung will add more channels to the app soon. The app is fairly new in the market and therefore many adjustments and advancements are anticipated.

Is It Possible To Stop The Ads On Samsung TV Plus?

Since the app is free and streaming does not require any subscription, the ads are the only way of making money for the Samsung manufacturers. For this reason, you cannot block the advertisements on the app. You will have to keep up with them as you have no other control over the app.

Can I Eliminate Samsung TV Plus? 

The app is built-in and you cannot eliminate it from the Samsung device. However, there is a way of making the app partially uninstalled. Follow these steps:

  • Move to the TV plus channel list.
  • Move to the options and select Edit Channels.
  • Click on all of the channels and click delete to eliminate all of them.

This is a shortcut to partially making the app insignificant.

When Do I Reinstall The Samsung Plus App?

Sometimes Samsung Plus may show you ‘No signal’. The internet might be strong and functioning excellently but the message is persistent. This is the time to uninstall the  Samsung Plus App.  Then download it again before installing and launching.

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