Are Smart Glasses Expensive?

Smart glasses might be more expensive than you thought. In this article, we will look at several smart glasses and the prices in the market. Let’s check them out.

What Are Smart Glasses?

Smart glasses bring the computer experience to close vision. They perform tasks similar to phones and Personal Computers but the unique thing is that all the experience is brought closer to the eye. Some smart glasses tend to further their tasks as they have features that enable voice assistants and can also perform the task of earphones and air pods.

How Do Smart Glasses Work?

You may wonder how smart glasses work. Well, here is how smart glasses work: 

  • Just like computers, they have a CPU fitted on one arm of the glass. It is put in a way that it is not bulky or does not tamper with the shape of the glass.
  • Both arms of the glasses have speakers on the ear rest ends. Some the models have a wonderful technology where the speakers do not have to be slightly inside your ears but you can still get the audio via the ear bone (bone conduction sound feature).
  • They also have the mics on the glass frames. Your voice is detected clearly.
  • Has a technology called a curved mirror which allows digital images to be displayed on the top/ upper part of the lens. It is unique since these displays do not block your view of the real environment around you, you can still view things normally.

Different Types Of Smart Glasses And Their Price Range

Note that most of these smart glasses are expensive and the actual prices for the items below may be slightly higher or lower. 

1. Microsoft HoloLens 2 ($3,500)

This is much focused on AR display here are its feature: 

  • Built with technology that can track eyes and hands.
  • You can capture digital graphics using the same lens without blocking the real world view.
  • Cameras have a unique feature where they can capture real images and augmented ones.
  • Fitted with powerful mics that capture your voice clearly.
  • Has very powerful sensors that sense ambient light.
  • Fitted with a Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) which integrates real world data and augmented reality data.
  • It also has 6DoF technology which allows you to move on either sides, jump up, move forward and backward.

The HPU technology is one of the unique technologies. Smart glasses with this technology tend to be a little more expensive.

2. Vuzix Blade ($1300)

These smart glasses are very simple, compared to the previous ones, they do not have a complicated look. At the first sight, you may think that they are normal glasses until you take a very close view. Here are some of its top features:

  • It has a good storage capacity of 4 GB.
  • It can store power for 3 hours while in constant use.
  • They can display notifications just like a cellphone. Notifications like; weather and incoming messages. 
  • The right lens is designed to capture full-color HD images and digital displays.
  • Having a camera on its frame, allows you to directly upload the images to any social platform right after taking them.
  • Has touchpads on the frame which you can use for settings like increasing or reducing volume while playing music.
  • It supports voice assistance, it is Alexa-enabled and you can command actions using your voices.

3. Magic Leap 1($2,300)

If you love augmented images and experiences, then this might the best option for you. 

It displays images with a huge resolution of 1280 *960. You can view digital images of 3D graphics on the lenses without the real-world view being blocked. These smart glasses also have the 6DOF technology that allows tracking of your hand movements and gestures.

One unique feature about this smart glass is that you can connect it to your computer or phone since there is a wire that can connect directly.

 Lovers or augmented images will love using these smart glasses. Unfortunately, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to enjoy these amazing services. 

4. Epson Moverio BT-300 ($700)

The BT-300 also has some good features just like most of the models discussed above.

Here are some the feature:

  • Supports Bluetooth and WIFI connections.
  • Can accommodate some apps such as AR flight simulator alongside the Moverio App.
  • Comes with a wonderful camera on the front side, unlike many smart glasses, this camera has 5 megapixels.
  • Has a good OLED display resolution of 720 HD.

5. Focals By North ($600)

Just like Vuzix Blade, these Focals have created smart glasses that are just like ordinary glasses. You will need to be very keen to notice that they are not normal glasses. I don’t like bulky glasses and would love to purchase this model. You will attract less attention while using them, not many people will notice that you are using smart glasses.

The most amazing thing about these smart glasses is that they receive notifications such as weather updates and messages. Additionally, you can make Uber orders comfortably using the voice controls supported by Alexa. Supports other voice assistants like google voice.

The major disadvantage of Focals By North is that you must take them for custom fitting. This will force you to locate North stores and showrooms which might not be convenient to everybody.

Are Amazon Echo Frames AR-Enabled?

Amazon Echo Frames are different from Google Glasses, they do not support AR. You will not view any digital display on the lenses. However, it is still worth using since it is Alexa Enabled. You can therefore control music, calls, and notifications.

These glasses are very affordable unlike most glasses described above. They will only cost close to $250.

Smart Glasses Pros and Cons


Are There Function-Specific Smart Glasses?

Yes. You can use some of these smart glasses for a specific function. Here are some of the specific tasks performed using smart glasses:

  • Everysight Raptor – Israel made a step in making these AR smart glasses for a military function. They have the special ability to display heart rate information and mapping/blueprint data used by the military. They are not so expensive and can cost you close to $ 650.
  • Solos – these are designed for cyclists. They capture important information useful for cyclists. You can view the speed and your heart rate. You can also access fitness apps like MapMyRide and others.

What Smart Glasses Can I Use To Listen To Music?

Sometimes all we want is good music and nothing more. You may fancy smart glasses but fancy music more. There is a solution to your problem.

Zungle Bluetooth Smart Glasses are the best you can use. You will listen to music and still receive calls as it supports voice assistants such a Google voice Assistants.

These smart glasses will not cost you much like the others; these cost only close to $150 on Amazon. 

Why Are Smart Glasses Expensive?

A lot of technology is used when manufacturing smart glasses. The cost of producing most of these smart glasses is very high and this is one of the reasons why they are expensive. Technology such as the ability to display augmented images on the same lens that the user is using to see real world images is unique. 


Your interest of smart glasses grows every time you see a new spec. The article has described some of the best smart glasses. However, there are many others in the market, you can choose to look at them especially on amazon and contrast the specifications to pick the best that satisfies your taste and preferences.

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