We all have encountered a situation whereby we’ve lost something in the house. Its usually too easy to forget where you put some essentials like keys, wallet passport, or tax documents. Whatever the case, you end up wasting so much time trying to find misplaced items while you can use Alexa to help you with this inconvenience.

Alexa cannot help you in locating where you put something that is lost, but you can tell Alexa to remember where you plan to put your important items to remind you. You can use commands like “Alexa, remember that my key is on the kitchen counter.”

What is Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is a digital assistant that’s versatile, capable of answering questions and performing all sorts of tasks. Alexa has been in existence for roughly two years, and it keeps getting better and smarter. It lives inside Amazon Echo smart speaker and other compatible devices and allows users to give orders to the assistant to control things throughout their home.

Amazon has put effort into consistently make improvements to this virtual device and made it more powerful. Contrarily, you may find that most people are unfamiliar with this virtual assistant. Alexa is a competitor of other assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

What Can Alexa Do?

The number of commands that Alexa can handle grows daily. Amazon calls these commands “skills,” you can even create your skills via amazon Blueprints. Upon review, you can go ahead and publish your skill in the skill store for other people to use.

Alexa is a useful tool in controlling your smart home. It connects to most smart home services and enables you to manipulate things, e.g., changing the temperature or set the lighting.

Additionally, Alexa can help you find things that you tell it to remind you. Once you put something like your phone in the cabinet and you are forgetful, you can quickly tell Alexa where you’ve kept it, and it will remind you when the need arises.

Alexa is also capable of setting routines where a single command that you put it can -say good morning, for example, and set your coffee pot to turn on the time you set.

Amazon Echo is good at helping with digital tasks like online shopping, but it dramatically comes in handy when solving daily problems like where you put your keys. Alexa can be useful when you are prompt to forgetting where you put things. When placing something new in a new spot, you can quickly tell Alexa to remember where you placed it. Then when you need to find your item, you go ahead and ask Alexa again.

This feature is enormously useful if you’re constantly in a rush and always forgetting where you left, keys, wallets, etc. On the other hand, when working with Alexa, the main catch here is still to tell where you put things. Otherwise, it can’t help you find something you didn’t mention where you put it.


Amazon has equipped its Bluetooth echo- Alexa with a memory feature known as “remember,” which you can use to list your reminders like birthdays. With this, you can easily ask Alexa to remind you where you put things. Alexa is iOs and android compatible hence you can ask Alexa to remember something through your phone when you’re out and about.


Working with Alexa is quite fun and straightforward when you want it to remind you where you put something, tell her, and later ask her again where you put it.

All you need to say is, ” Alexa remember I put my tax documents in the first drawer of the living room cabinet,” then amazon echo will go ahead to confirm what you want to remember.

This feature works for anything. When searching for something that you probably lost, ask, “Alexa, where did I put my tax documents?” Alexa will then tell precisely where you said the item would be so you can go and grab it.

What are the measures you can take when you forget to ask Alexa to remember?

Unfortunately, Alexa cannot remember what you don’t tell it to recall, and we cannot say how long Alexa can remember information you ask it.

But if you’re forgetful, there are FID gadgets that you can attach to your items, and your amazon echo can go ahead to find them, e.g., you can get a tracker that attaches to either your keys or wallet or anything that you misplace often. Once the tracker is ready, you open your Alexa application go to the skills and games menu > search tracker (name)> tap enable to activate the pairing.

With this kind of connection, you have to create a tracker account to start using the skill. Once you’ve set up, you can tell you amazon echo” Alexa tell (tracker name) to find my (item name)”

Whatever you ask Alexa to remember is usually linked with your Amazon account, which enables you to recall the information form any Alexa device logged in to your Amazon account.


If you often misplace your things, it helps to announce it to Alexa, where you’re putting these essentials. Putting Keys on shelves or the table may easily slip off your mind after a while. But if you tell Alexa where you’re putting the keys as you do it, the device is capable of reminding you the next time you go searching for them through merely asking Alexa to remind you what you told her.

Amazons Alexa is closest we’ve come to practical artificial intelligence in our homes. It works great in controlling your smart home. Alexa is compatible with many smart home devices; hence you can quickly get it to work with smart equipment in your house.

However, Alexa can put some of your vital information and items at risk since if someone can know where you put something through asking Alexa, they can easily access whatever they need with ease. It is can also be hacked, making it essential to research the cybersecurity measures one can take to protect the Amazon account and Alexa.

On top of that, continually saying where you kept something out loud will probably boost your memory, and you may not require to ask Alexa where you saved something.

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