How Do I Extend My Uverse Wireless Range?

When  I had a DSL, i would get strong WiFi signals in my basement and the backyard. Now that I got the Uverse, I had to find ways to extend the signal to those areas.

How do I extend my Uverse wireless range? If you want to extend the wireless signal range of your ATT Uverse router, you should use a secondary repeater/ bridge or an access point in the direction that you want to extend it toward; the repeater should be connected to your router on a wired hardline.

What is The Best WiFi Extender for ATT Uverse?

The Netgear AC750 WiFi range extender is the best solution for expanding the range of your ATT Uverse WiFi home network and any other kind of network. It uses the latest 802.11ac WiFi technology over dual bands 2.4 and 5GHz for delivering up to AC750 (300Mbps + 450Mbps) speeds that are three times faster than the previous generation wireless.

The installation is easy and does not require a CD as well as a Push “N” Connect using WiFi protected setup WPS. It has external antennas that help it to achieve the greater range while maintaining a compact device that plugs into the wall outlet. It has easy to use smart LED indicators on the front of the unit that help you to find the location and offer the best performance.

The Netgear AC750 WiFi extender has one Gigabit Ethernet port that has auto-sensing technology for 10/100/1000 speeds. You can plug in one wired device like a computer, smart TV, game console, or Blue-ray. The unit also has two WiFi modes, extender and access point.

The extender takes your home network WiFi and increases its reach. The access point mode allows you to use an ethernet port in your home that is tied back to the home network and creates an 802.11ac WiFi access point. If you have an android smartphone, you can get the free Netgear WiFi analytics app that will help you know the network status, signal strength, channel interference meter & graph, graph, and WiFi strength by location.

How Can I Boost my AT&T Internet Speed?

The recent advances in technology make internet speeds faster than ever, and information is accessible in an instant, which is the reason why it becomes so frustrating when a slow internet connection forces you to wait for many seconds to load.

Here are tips you should use if you want to get faster internet speed on your AT&T and other routers.

Check for Router Obstructions

Regardless of the kind of WiFi network you have in your place, the destructions in your home or the poor placement of the wireless router is a great cause of weakening the signal strength. Objects like metals studs, brick, stone, or lots of floors and walls between the computer and the router have a lot of interference with the signal.

The first step to having faster internet is to place the router in a location that is centralized so that all the rooms in the home can get better access to the signal. If the router cannot be put in an accessible spot, obstructions should be removed so that the connection is enhanced.

If you get that there is still a slow connection and slow internet speeds, try to switch up the location of the router so that you see what works best. When you place the router up high in a place that is central, like the living room is ideal, you should try to avoid areas that have lots of windows or metal appliances like in the kitchen.

Secure Your Network

People can start stealing your bandwidth, and this can slow down your internet without even your knowledge, especially if your wireless router is not set up in the correct way. If your network is not secure, anyone that is within its range can start using our signal.

To make your internet speed become faster and prevent other people from getting access without your permission, login to your router settings and disable network sharing settings, and then add a password to help protect the signal.

It is important that you choose a strong WPA or WPA2 password, and it should be longer and less obvious. You should also consider including several numbers and symbols and change the password periodically so that the hackers and unwanted users are kept at bay.

The other step is to hide your network name, creating a separate network for the usage of guests, installing a firewall for preventing viruses, and also using a virtual private network for encrypting all of the private information.

Check Auto-Updating Programs

As you work on your computer, there are multiple programs and apps that run in the background, and automatic updates that happen to the programs may slow down the WiFi speeds without your knowledge.

If you have slow connections, start task manager on the PC or the activity monitor on the Mac so that you examine the programs that are running in the background and pinpoint where the slowdown is happening.

Scan for Malware

After you have finished checking your system for the speed stealing programs, then you should scan for viruses. Malware in your system can hog your bandwidth and send virus embedded emails and infectious information to others, and this clogs up your internet.

The signs to show that your computer has a virus include slow internet, random pop up messages, a hard drive that is overworked, and programs that start by themselves. To remove these kinds of malware, turn your computer on and off, enter the safe mode and then delete all of the temporary files and download a virus scanner.

When you remove malware, you protect all of your private information, and your internet becomes noticeable faster in seconds.

Optimize Your Web Browser

You should also consider using a web browser that is optimized for faster internet. When you use browsers like Firefox, they provide extensions that stop adds and popups, which may cause the internet to lag. Chrome uses minimal memory and doesn’t require javascript and Flash that also slow down the bandwidth. These types of browsers help to save on internet usage so that you can work faster, and they release new versions regularly that make your internet updated and faster.

You should also clear your browser cache frequently and cookies to help in improving the internet speed. If the browser that you are using is consistently slow, you should consider switching to a new one and see if it fixes.

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