How To Get Full Body Tracking With Oculus Quest And Oculus Quest 2

Body tracking is one feature that most VR manufacturers are striving to achieve. Most VR headsets being produced currently can fully body track. Many people are inclined to use Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets mostly for gaming, full-body tracking makes the experience more real than before since all your movements are detected. In this article, we are going to show you some methods that will enable your Quest Headsets to fully body track.

Methods Of Full Body Tracking For Oculus Quest And Oculus Quest 2

1. Use Of Vive Trackers And Base Stations

Luxurious and wonderful experiences come at a huge price. This method will require you to dig much deeper into your pocket so that you can enjoy the amazing feature of full-body tracking while using your Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets. 

You will need the following to accomplish this method:

  • HTC Vive Base Stations

You will need to have 2 base stations to achieve the objective of full-body tracking.  One base station also works but not effectively like 2. When there are 2 base stations, you do not need to struggle as tracking is sufficiently supported. You will require to set the base stations in a way that they will cover the player’s gestures fully.

Purchasing the base stations is relatively expensive. On Amazon, you can find them @ $ 120.

  • Tracker Strap

There are 2 common Track straps in the market; Rebuff Reality Trackbelt and Rebuff Reality TrackStrap.

These trackers ensure your full body is tracked, you will need to put them on your body or very close to your body. You don’t need to connect them using wires because they can connect wirelessly. These devices are expensive and you need to be extremely cautious to avoid dropping then on the ground.

  • HTC Vive Trackers

These trackers add value to the base stations mentioned. The experience is so real when you have one of them for each leg and another one around your waist. This might be costly but you have to purchase if you want the best experience.

2. Use Of Kinect

This is one of the most effective ways of realizing your full body tracking objective mostly as a gamer. The formula has proved to work well. Just like the previous way, you will need to purchase some devices that will help you carry out the formula efficiently.

  • Driver4VR

Initially, for this format to effectively work to your satisfaction, you need to need to source and install Driver2VR software.

Kinect works best when this software is in place. It is not free, you can only use it for not more than 15 minutes while testing. Purchasing is it is not too costly, close to $ 30 will do.

  • Kinect Motion Tracker – this is necessary for Kinect to work as expected. You can do your survey at amazon to find the actual price of a Kinect motion tracker or rather look for a second-hand tracker at Amazon.
  • Virtual Desktop (Oculus Air Link) – this is required because the content will be transferred from your Personal Computer to your Headset. For this function, you can also use an Oculus Link but because we mostly prefer a wireless connection, a virtual desktop will work best.

You will enjoy using this form if you have Xbox Kinect 360.

For gamers, the following video will give you insights on how to go through this process effectively:

3. Use Of Antilatency

This form is sums all the other methods described above. Antilatency is a new brand in the market and has come up with an amazing idea that will help you achieve full-body tracking using the Quest headsets. Their products are scarce in the market since the company is new but you can still find them. They previously endorsed their product through other entities. However, our goal is to get full-body tracking for a perfect gaming experience.

Some of the products used for this function include;

  • Tags– you will need to put them on each leg, they will track your movement for the camera. You can as well use Arm bracers which will take the role of controller and make your experience more fun since you will not need a controller for functions.

When using tags on your legs, the Antilatency technology ensures that your legs and head are perfectly tracked while your hand is being tracked by the Oculus.

  • Ceiling/Floor Tracking Areas– this is one of the greatest VR technologies. You will have to set up either a ceiling or floor, this will be expensive to establish but the results are superb. You will need 2 Tags, A Camera, a 1000 centimeter square room or area for the setup, and a USB socket. All three will cost close to $ 1100(you can check the prices at Amazon to confirm their actual prices).

The Ceiling /Floor tracking area will be made such that your rays will be tracked, all your boy movements being well captured.

Setting the room up is a little more complicated but the following video will guide you through;  

These methods are amazing but they require much more input than you thought. Purchasing the devices required for the full body tracking function can be hectic and expensive.


You have gone through the article and you can see that achieving full-body tracking using your Quest Headsets can be difficult. We hope that the methods will help you achieve and enjoy full-body tracking. All the mentioned methods have a wonderful outcome if they are followed properly. Click on the links and follow the videos for the best outcome


If in case any of the mentioned methods in this article is not going through on your side, do not force, please go through the tutorial well before trying it yourself.


From the descriptions above, making Quest headsets perform the function of full body tracking might cost more than you expected. We would recommend that if you have not yet purchased a VR headset, you ought to purchase other models that support full body tracking. If full body tracking is your top priority, models like Cosmos Elite VR Headset might work best for you without additional costs of installing full body tracking devices.

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