Does Sengled Pulse work with Google home?


Singled are makers of one of the most excellent lighting products that integrate consumer electronics with energy-efficient LED light bulbs. And they are now offering even more convenience with heir smart lighting family now offering through voice control using Google Assistant.

Singled pulse now works with Google Home, and the voice commands now work with Google Assistant on any eligible android phones or iPhones that have Google Assistant app. There are many commands that you can use to change the brightness and color temperature of the bulbs.

The smart lighting system now offers you features for energy tracking, customizable scheduling, and color temperature tuning for up to 65 bulbs. They allow you to now control your singled bulbs individually or as a group via the app. Singled have said that their bulbs use 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs and also have an average expectancy of up to 20 years.

With Google Assistant on Google Home and having the eligible phones and iPhones, you will be able to control all your Element bulbs with the convenience of your voice. This will give you the ability to turn on and off, change the brightness, and also the color temperature of the bulbs from soft white 2700K to daylight 6500K.

If you are forgetful sometimes and you leave the lights on. There is nothing to worry about when you have the Ssengled bulbs. Even when you are not sure if they are on or of, all you have to say is, “Ok, Google, are my living room lights on?” and these will help your energy savings to increase.

If you want to turn the lights on and you are in the kitchen full of groceries,  all you have to say is “Ok Google, turn on the kitchen lights,” and you will get hands free help right there. If you have a romantic dinner and you would like some help to set the mood, all you have to say is? “Ok Google, set the dining room lights to 35%.” And the mood will be set for you.

Importance of Sengled Working With Google Home

Having Sengled Pulse bulbs working with google home helps you to automate the lights in your home so that you can now focus on your life. Alex Ruan, the General Manager of Sengled North America, said they are honored to continue their relationship with Google to advance the smart home further. They have plans to make the lighting experience more convenient and accessible by eliminating remotes and other devices and focus mainly on the use of voice for everyday tasks.

Sengled are also providing their users with app-controlled, intuitive, eco-friendly products that offer smart home capabilities to every room and enhance the connected home with technology for audio, connectivity, and also security.

About Sengled Bulbs

Sengled is a global innovator in LED lighting, and it has also pioneered research and development that brings bright new ideas to smart lighting. They have now integrated consumer electronics with energy-saving LED bulbs. 

If you would like to pair your Pulse bulbs to work as Bluetooth speakers for your Google Home Assistant, this would be done via the Google Home app. Note that once the pulse bulbs are connected to the Google Home, you will not be able to control the lights. This is because Google Home connects to the pulse bulbs as a Bluetooth speaker and does not an interface that interacts with the lights.

For you to be able to control your lights, you have to disconnect the Google Home Assistant from the pulse bulbs and then connect back the pulse bulbs with your mobile device to be able to control the pulse bulbs via the pulse app.  You are able to control the volume of music that Google Home is streaming through the pulse bulbs via the commands of Google Home as usual.

How to Connect Sengled With Google Assistant

  • Power the Sengled pulse bulbs on and make sure that Google Home Assistant is also powered on
  • Make sure that the singled pulse device is not connected to any other device like phones and tablets
  • Open Google Home app and then scroll down and select the Google Home device you wish to pair your Sengled pulse.
  • On the page with the Google Home device’s names, at the top, press the gear button, Settings, in the top right corner.
  • From the device settings page, then scroll down
  • Select Default Music speaker
  • Then tap on Pair Bluetooth speaker so that the Google Home device can find the pulse bulb.
  • When the Google Home device is now connected to the pulse device, press on Done. Now the music from your Google Home device will play from your pulse.

But your google home will continue to speak to you using the default speaker.

You also have to note that the Google Home app will not automatically assign the bulbs to their corresponding scenes that are already assigned by the Sengled Home app.

You may assign them to rooms via the Google Home app so that you keep the same groupings; you may assign them to an office room in your Google Home app so that you can use the groupings functionality. 

You must also remember that the name changes that are made in the Google Home app will not reflect in the Sengled Home app. Also, the name changes that are made through the singled app will not reflect in the Google Home app unless you unlink and relink your singled home.

If by chance, you add new devices or rename your devices in the Sengled Home app, you should then tap the plus button, then add devices or say “Hey Google, sync my devices” so that the devices are refreshed.

Sengled Smart LED Bulb Options

There are several options that are available for one to choose from. If you are looking to add some classic white lighting or a modern looking light that has a built-in speaker, you will get a Sengled bulb that will fit your needs. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Sengled Element Classic

There is a full line of white bulbs that will replace all the traditional bulbs of all types in your home. These singled bulbs are available in soft white and daylight laminations for both A19 light sockets and also BR30 light sockets.

Sengled Element Color Plus

Just like the classic bulbs, singled color plus bulbs are available in both A19 light and BR30 sizes. These color bulbs give the users access to more than 16 million possible colors to illuminate their homes.

Sengled Element Plus Tunable Bulb

Tunable bulbs give you the option of being able to set the lights to lighting temperatures from warm 2700K to a bright 5000K light in times when you need crisp light.

Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb

The bulb has a built-in JBL Bluetooth speaker and gives you both lighting and audio flexibility in one device with high fidelity 13-watt loudspeakers. These singled bulbs are designed to fit E26 light sockets and can also be connected to up to seven additional bulbs if you want whole-home stereo sound. 

Sengled Smart LED with Wi-Fi Booster

If you would like to extend your Wi-Fi signal, you will find that these smart LED bulbs will allow up to 100 additional feet of Wi-Fi signal to any E26 light socket with a near line of sight.  This will help you to eliminate any dead spots and weak signals.

Sengled LED with Smartsense Security Floodlight Bulb

Your security will become much easier when you have these motion-activated smart bulbs with Smartsense technology. These are hands-free and waterproof the Smartsense LED bulb also has a built-in motion sensor that helps to detect motion within 30 feet.

They also have a camera and can be set up to record 24 hours per day or when you detect movement. If you would like video storage, that would require Snap cloud service.

Requirements for Using Sengled Smart LED Bulbs

To ensure that your Sengled LED bulb I working properly and at full capacity, there are these few things that you need.

  • A Zigbee compatible hub for the Sengeled bulbs
  • A 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection
  • A mobile device that can support the singled home app and is available on PC, Mac, Ios, and android.

Hubs Compatible With Sengled Bulbs

Singled bulbs use Zigbee protocol language, and apart from the singled hub alone, they are also compatible with the following hubs.

The Wink Smart home hub

The Wink smart hub is able to communicate in many different languages in addition to just Zigbee. Unlike any other hubs, the Wink hub plugs directly to the home network instead of using the cloud to control your smart home devices. 

The Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus also works as a Zigbee hub. If you are looking to add Zigbee devices, these Echo plus is what you will need without any additional hub. It will allow you to have the added benefit of voice control over your Zigbee devices like Sengled bulbs.

Samsung SmartThings hub

The Samsung SmartThings hub is the most versatile hub that is currently available. You can buy the hub or use the Samsung Connect Home Mesh router that has SmartThings hub capabilities. Both of them can be connected to google assistant and Alexa to work with voice commands.

The Almond 3

Almond 3 is a mesh router that has hub capabilities. The advantage of having one of these is that it coves approximately 1500 square feet and can also connect to up to the other two additional routers to expand the coverage.

Google Commands for Sengled Bulbs

  • Say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” then…
  • To turn on/off a light  “Turn on <light name>”
  • Dim a light      “Dim the <light name>”
  • Set alight brightness to a certain percentage   “Set <light name> to 50%”
  • Brighten a light           “Brighten the <light name>”
  • Turn on/off all lights in the room “Turn on/off lights in <room name>.”
  • Turn on/off all lights, “Turn on/off all of the lights.”
  • Change the color of a light     “Turn Green”
  • Change light color. “Turn my lights <color>.”
  • Turn on/off all outlets, “Turn on/off all outlets.”
  • To turn on/off a outlet “Turn on/off <outlet name>”
  • “Turn on/off all outlets in <room name>.”


The only thing that is left is to speak. Google Home will respond to all the commands, and thighs will be quick to respond.

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