Easy to Install Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

I had been looking for a perfect wireless outdoor security camera that would be installed much easily. Well, I’ve got some good considerations here that you may want to figure out before you make the purchase.

because of using few models in my home, what I will tell you is what I had learned when I was installing and also using several different smart home security cameras in my home.

One of the best home security cameras that I have tried in my home and still use to date is the Blink XT cameras. I have never looked back ever since I started using them.

It’s also ironical that Blink was bought by Amazon just a few days ago for 90 Million dollars! I’m going to get into Blink in a little while, keep on reading the post.

Why You need a smart home security camera?

When you look back over the past few years, you will notice that smart security cameras were not a big deal just until a few years ago or so. Majority of us were just fine with having wires all over the place, but that does not mean that we were fine with it.

While having smart security cameras has changed the game, having wireless smart security cameras has changed the game even more with leaps and bounds.

Impotance of smart security cameras.

With the innovation of the IoT world, there are many things that have changed. You will find smart cameras everywhere now, and they come in different sizes and shapes.

Now you can have a professional looking camera just right outside of your house, in your baby’s room or you can also attach it to a tree which is far away from the house. You can even find the pin hole types of cameras which you can install nearly anywhere to help you catch someone in the act.

Some people prefer to have the new technology pieces in their homes to help them check on their pets while they are far away from home at work. You may get them hosting a rave, playing cards, you never know.

Indoor or outdoor security cameras Which is Best?

This mainly depends on your main concern and what you would like to make sure you catch on the video. Depending on the needs that you have, you will also be needed to look for a perfect place where you will actually install the cameras also.

If your concern is a particular door, then you will have to consider whether you prefer to monitor the inside or the outside.

Personally, if my concern is to catch an intruder from making their way into my house, then my main concern will be installing them outside. This will help me to catch them even before they get inside.

However, you may also be the person who wants to catch them red-handed in the act in the house. Or you would like to monitor some suspicious acts in your house. If that’s the case with you, then you may have to consider having indoor cameras. Either way, you choose, you are going to require a good camera that will work perfectly well and not just some off the rack piece of junk.

What are the best outdoor security cameras?

I would still go for my Blink XT outdoor security cameras as I have had good times using them for quite some time now.

here are a few considerations you should have when you are making the choice for smart out door security cameras.


Every person has a certain level of quality that they expect from a wireless smart security camera. I too have very high expectations when it comes to quality, and I would not like to settle for less when it comes to this.

I’d really like to see the burglars face as they try to enter into my property. While the majority of any good smart security camera that one can get these days will have a minimum video quality of 720P. The quality of Blink cameras may be 720, but the fisheye lens offers ample coverage without rounding hyper distortion.

Positioning your camera

You will have to check at the mounts and how they are like with the type of camera that you would like to purchase. I have seen many cameras that only come with a back wall plate. This is not functional for many people.

I know that if I can’t aim my smart camera to the place that I want them then nothing else will be mattering, and I will have just wasted my time and money. Believe me; you don’t want to make that mistake. You will be so angry, and there will be no one to blame but yourself.

What about the weather and climate?

I used to work for a certain local company selling home security and automation. One of the main problems that we had with security cameras that we would install was cold weather. We realized that many people were paying over $100 per camera just to have them freeze up.

So if you prefer to use outdoor cameras, then you may definitely have to consider the Blink XT or Arlo Pro cameras. They are well rated to handle colder temperatures, and I have also experienced other types of outdoor cameras that can’t just handle colder temperatures. They typically just freeze right up.

The best thing that I have come to love about these cameras is that you can pour water

On them but it doesn’t get in anywhere. They are weatherproof as it gets.

The ones I use have withstood snow, cold, winds and rain where the temperatures went below -20 degrees Fahrenheit! These gadgets are built to be military grade tough! I have actually written an article on smart cold weather security cameras also.

How long do wireless security camera batteries last?

If you are considering to have a wireless security camera, I would then suggest that you study what is their average battery life before purchasing them.

Like the Blink XT cameras that I have, their batteries will run for at least a year before they can die. That’s in the extremely cold weather conditions of New England during winter conditions.

On the other hand, I had used the Arlo Pro cameras, and they lasted for only two months, and they needed to be replaced.

How much do Out Door Security Cameras cost?

The price of Arlo Pro is approximately $100 more than that of Blink XT cameras. This then puts them in the $200 range, but there is some good news. No one likes to cheap out completely. But you also would not want to spend more than you need to.

If you are working with a strict budget and you can’t afford to spend $100, then, unfortunately, this may be over your budget. However, if you still want to secure your home and don’t want to worry about it. Then I would highly recommend that you get the Blink XT cameras. You can check their current prices here on Amazon.

So what are my options?

Anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that I am a huge fan of Blink cameras in general and I would not recommend anything else apart from them for smart security cameras.

They also offer an indoor option as well which you can find here on Amazon. Although you may realize that the quality is not like that of the Blink XT outdoor cameras (which I also recommended for indoor use as well).

Do wireless security cameras need to be plugged in?

You may be asking yourself if you need internet access for you to use Wi-Fi surveillance security camera. Well, the answer to this could be a Yes or No because it will depend on how you will use the security camera.

You may not be having internet in your area, or you may be having it still, but you don’t want the Wi-Fi camera to use up much of the data of your network. You can still achieve this by setting up a wireless security camera without internet access.

Once you realize that you don’t need to have a remote viewing on tablets, mobile phones or computers, which means that the recording video does not need to be sent over the network, then you don’t need internet at all for you to use a wireless security camera or the wired IP camera.

Another solution you can have is to set up a 4G/3G LTE mobile network security camera which doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection to work and sent remote live views and alerts.

If there is no internet, all you need to do is to get a whole wireless security cameras system, that comes with a Wi-Fi NVR (Network Video Recorder) and Wi-Fi surveillance cameras.

The wireless surveillance cameras systems kits will enable 24/7 surveillance and video recording without using the internet. Power on the cameras and the NVR, and they will automatically connect to each other on their proprietary network and start communicating with each other without internet access. Then connect your NVR to an HD TV or a monitor, and you can start 24/7 monitoring.

Do you have to have WiFi for wireless security cameras?

You may still be having internet connection in your home, but you don’t want to use your data because it could eat up the bandwidth. For this case, then use a wireless security IP camera like Reolink Argus 2. You can check their current price and reviews here on Amazon.

You should choose a wireless security camera that is waterproof and weatherproof. This wire-free camera can be put indoors or outdoors.

Use the free software on your phone to set up and connect the camera to your router wirelessly. (By connecting the camera to the router doesn’t mean that it will use your network when it’s working).

Then remember to set the motion detection to be enabled that is if you prefer to be informed on your phone. And you will be done.

The camera starts to work, and it will capture the videos to the SD card you had inserted in the camera.


You can spend your money easily on other smart security cameras. There are many options that one can choose from out there. But personally, I am just tired of the wires and using these newer wireless cameras are just incredibly perfect!

They can be placed anywhere. They are waterproof, and they also withstand cold and anything that Mother Nature will throw at them.

After trying out several other options of cameras, I’m now decided to stick to my Blink XT. It’s now up to you to decide what will be the best for your solution and the situation you are in.