How Do You Clean a Ring Camera?

If you have your Ring video doorbell and you notice that the lens is scratched or there is a defect with it that it becomes unfilmable, don’t feel alone. I have had a similar problem before, and I am going to share with you here what you can do to help salvage the situation.

Try to use a micro fiberglass cleaning cloth to clean the lens of the Ring doorbell but use alcohol (isopropyl) is not recommended. Though you may use alcohol, you must include a small amount of mild liquid dish soap and water.

If the scratch on the doorbell camera is visible and is affecting the resolution of the video, you can contact Ring, and they can replace it for you if you are still within the warranty.

Is it possible to clean the lens of the camera on the floodlights?

If your Ring doorbell camera comes and has a smudge visible on the camera and you are hoping to clean that smudge, well, it is possible for you to do so. You could try to use a lens cleaning cloth or one that is used for the eyeglasses.

You may find it hard to get to the inside of the lens if you have no prior experience and just cleaned the outer part, and it has not solved the problem. It may be risky to go further if you do not know what you are doing, but I would not like you to break a new camera.

Cleaning the outer lights is simple, with just the use of terry cloth and water and maybe a mild detergent like Dawn or something similar.

Many people would fear to clean the actual camera lens, though if you use lens or screen cleaners for glasses or camera or the products that are used for cleaning computer screens. If you have soft cloth is also logical, but you would be risking your camera if it is not as soft as you think. The one you could use is the Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipe which is not bad.

I tried to use it, and the unit worked well, and I was glad it was not a crack.
I must also mention that care must be taken when cleaning on or around the Ring doorbell unit, no matter if it is the interior or the exterior.

How to Keep Your Ring Lens Clean

  • In general, you can just gently dust the outside of the Ring product using a soft lint-free cloth. If the product needs a more thorough cleaning, you may follow these recommendations.

  • Just like anything else, the lens of a Ring doorbell can get dirty, and this can affect the video quality. The camera/ doorbell should be treated with care like you would treat any other high-quality optics. If you need to do any cleaning, then use a soft lint-free cloth.

  • If you notice that your video seems to be out of focus in a particular spot, you should check the lens for any kind of debris. If there is any glare from the sun also gets worse when the lens gets dirty.

  • You should not use paper towels, rags, tissues for cleaning the camera. This is because these materials leave lint behind, and they can also scratch the lens coatings.
  • You should also not clean the camera using the glass cleaner for the windows and mirrors, rubbing alcohol and other household cleaners. This is because these cleaning fluids may contain harsh chemicals and can leave residue behind.

  • If you notice any tougher smudges like oily fingerprints on the lens, then you can dampen the cloth with a drop of cleaning solution that is made for eyeglasses or cameras and other optics.
  • Do not submerge the camera in water or any other liquid. If there is water spots or other materials on the lens, you can moisten a soft cloth with a little water and then wipe gently. A drop of cleaning solution could also be used that is made for cameras and optics.

To clean the body, the power adapter, or the power cables (not the lens)

  • Unplug the camera/ doorbell from the wall outlet.
  • Moisten a soft cloth with water and a little dish soap.
  • While holding it in place with one and, wipe the surface clean gently with a piece of cloth. Be careful not to get any soap on the lens.
  • Rinse the cloth and wipe down the surface to remove the remaining soap.
  • Plug it back.

Although te doorbell is made to withstand different climatic conditions, it is not recommended to spray it with a high-pressure hose. Just wipe it down using a soft cloth so that you prevent water spots that can obstruct the view of the camera.

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