How To Use USB Microphone On Xbox One

Microphones convert sound waves to analog waves to audio waves (analog audio waves). Microphones are widely used especially for public addressing. In our case, we are looking at a USB microphone.

Other microphones have normal jacks for connection but a USB microphone is a special microphone that can be connected using a USB cable since it has a USB output. This microphone is special because it has a built-in digital audio interface. This feature makes it special since you can connect the microphone to another device such as a computer without using a digital converter.

USB Microphone Functionality

It is important to understand how the USB microphone functions. Well, a USB microphone works just like the other normal microphones. However, there is a difference that distinguishes USB microphones from other microphones. We have initially mentioned that microphones convert sound waves to analog audio waves, well, while the other microphone would use a converter to convert and amplify the analog waves to digital signals, the USB microphone can perform this task without the external converter. The USB mic is built with an audio interface that enables it to convert analog audio signals to digital signals. The USB further can output the signals since it has the USB output port. This is a brief description of how the USB microphone works. 

What Are The Types Of USB Connectors?

Now that we are discussing USB microphones, we have to discuss some of the USB connectors that are used for microphone connections. There are many USB connectors currently in the market. Here are some of the USB connectors:

  1. USB Type-A (USB standard A connector)
  2. USB Type C
  3. USB 3.0 Type A
  4. USB 3.0 Type B
  5. USB 3.0 Micro B
  6. Micro USB-B
  7. USB-B

Using USB Mic On Xbox One

Now that you know what a USB microphone is, you will want to use it on your Xbox One. You will need some cables to establish and achieve that connection. Here are the requirements:

  • The USB microphone with an analog 3.5mm jack.
  • Male-male cable (3.5mm).
  • Male speaker/mic splitter (3.5mm) will allow you to connect both headphone and mic since it gives you a mic port and headphone jack.  

With the above equipment, you are set to connect the USB mic to your Xbox One. To begin with, plug the male speaker/mic splitter into the Xbox one port for audio. This connection gives you an option of connecting both the mic and your headphones to the Xbox one at the same time. 

Insert the male-male 3.5 mm cable to the 3.5 mm audio port of your microphone and the other end to the microphone jack of the splitter that you had earlier connected to the Xbox One. Connect the mic to the USB port of the Xbox controller.

Alternatively, you can use the chart option of your Xbox one controller. This is the simplest option. Connect your USB mic to the USB port of the Xbox one and using your controller shifts the game chart mode to party chart mode. Try using the mic and see whether it is working.

Connecting a USB mic to Xbox one is not hard. Try using any of the above options and see whether they will work. You will need to ensure that your mic is a USB mic.

What USB Mics Should I Use On My Xbox One?

All microphones given are built for the same function but not all of them are compatible with the Xbox one. You will find a lot of brands in the market but choosing the best can be a task. Here are some good brands that would work best with your Xbox One (these are just some of them, there are many other brands available in the market):

1. Turtle Beach Microphone

This is a good USB microphone that you can use on your Xbox One. It gives you a generous variety, that is, it is compatible with PS4 Pro and PC. The microphone can also work with Mac devices.

2. Audio – Technica AT2020USB

This is another quality USB microphone that will serve you very well. It will give you a good sound recording experience. You would love to use the mic as it is not heavy, you won’t get tired of holding it whenever you are not using the stand. It is also compatible with many devices like Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OS X.

One disadvantage of this mic is that it does not have the switch for off and on (No button for off/on).

3. Blue Snowball Microphone (USB)

This is another amazing microphone. The mic is amazing because it has an amazing hardware design that will give you a studio recording experience. It also does not require any software to work, it is designed to a plug and play without any software process.

It is the best for recording since you can use it for different recording applications. Further, the microphone is compatible with any PC and Mac device.

4. ZaxSound SF666 PRO Microphone (USB Microphone) 

This microphone is not much different from the others that we have discussed above. The added advantage of this microphone is that it comes with a tripod stand and another cable (6ft) that is not connected to the microphone. It does not have guaranteed compatibility with Mac devices but is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10.

It is, however, not so durable since it is made of plastic.

5. Blue Yeti Microphone (USB)

This is another powerful microphone. It is heavier than the others. It has a higher quality than the above microphones, this is evident since the microphone is compatible with windows 10 and above. It is compatible with the latest Mac devices, macOS 10.13.

It has a great advantage of 2 years warranty.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are The Advantages Of Using a USB Microphone?

There are several advantages attached to a USB Microphone. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Less Cumbersome

You can easily carry your microphone wherever you want. You will not have to carry an amplifier for digital signals conversion and amplification. 

2. Relatively Affordable

Purchasing these microphones is very easy. You don’t need much capital. The fact that they have a built-in audio interface makes them affordable. The prices are good since you have the service of an amplifier included.

3. Easy to use 

The USB microphone has the added advantage of converting analog signals to digital signals but operating it is very easy. You will enjoy using these microphones because the operation is nothing different from the other microphones.

What Are The Limitations Of USB Microphones?

The USB microphone just like most devices has limitations. Here are some of the limitations:

1. No Room For Adjustment

The USB microphone will perform the function that it is built to do. It has a built-in audio interface and is hence independent. There is little room for any adjustment. You will only need to connect it to the device that you want to use, Xbox, PS 4, or PC.

2. Some USB Mics Are Not Compatible With All Devices

A microphone is expected by users to work with every device. For example, ZaxSound SF666 PRO Microphone is not compatible with Mac Devices hence limiting the Mac users. For instance, if you have this microphone and you want to connect a mic to a Mac Device, you will be forced to purchase another USB mic that is compatible with your Mac device.

3. Latency Issues

Some of the USB microphones will have you experience delays before sound signals are transferred. The sound may enter the mic then take a lot of time before it comes out. The audio interface installed in these mics may take longer than anticipated hence the latency problems.

4. Poor Quality In Some Mics

Most manufacturers want to produce less expensive mics that will easily sell in the market. This results in poor quality mics being produced. Some of them are made of plastic and are less durable.

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