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If you have been considering purchasing the Frigidaire cool connect smart air conditioner, then here is my review. What I’m about to share with you here could sway your opinion about the cool connect series. This is because I have had a first hand use of the air conditioner.

When the summer begun, I made a decision that it was time I had a new smart air conditioner in my home. Being a smart home enthusiast as I am, I decided to narrow down to few new smart air conditioners.

My house is pretty over 2400 square feet and for the most part of the day it’s not open. It has been a great challenge for me to cool the whole house using just one air conditioner. Of course, I did not want to use central air conditioning considering that I stay in New England and I will only use it in a few months in the whole year.

I had installed some smaller air conditioners for the bedrooms upstairs. But now I really needed something which I could remotely control and turn it on when we are on our way home. Not only that, but considering that I may be lazy at some point, I wanted to be able to turn it on and off by using my voice in the comfort of my couch.

Frigidaire Cool Connect Review.

So there is a burning question here that you may be asking.

Why should you buy a Frigidaire cool connect?

The answer to this question does not just come from a better understanding of how smart home devices work and operate.

Where Are Frigidaire Air Conditioners Made?

Frigidaire is owned and Sweden’s Electrolux and they produce dishwashers for brands at Kinston, North Carolina plant. They also have another factory that is located in Anderson, South Carolina, which build top freezer refrigerators and premium air conditioners. The company is among many that are relocating to the United States.

Are GE and Frigidaire The Same Company?

The GE and Electrolux brands are under the same ownership as it was acquired. They entered into a deal after the acquisition and consolidation of the two companies. Their combination has helped them to grow and expand their business.

Is Frigidaire Made By Whirlpool?

Frigidaire (which is owned by Electrolux) and whirlpool are one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world. But that is where all their similarities end.

Frigidaire were the classic first mover and were the first manufacturers in front loading washers and stainless steel appliances. While Whirlpool if more conservative but the most efficient manufacturers. But they have both started to produce innovative products.

Though the Frigidaire cool connect, series has not been in the market for a long period, Frigidaire as a company has been around from 1916. So there is a very healthy history in the brand and the name of the product.

Not only that, but I have many devices in my kitchen that are Frigidaire products. So I figured out since we have not had any problems in the past few years that we have been using them that I would now give their smart air conditioner series a shot.

Having that in mind, let me now delve deep into this smart air conditioner and some reasons that convinced my wife and I that it was the best smart air conditioner for our home.

How many Different Versions of Frigidaire Cool Connect Are There?

Technically, you will find five different versions of the Frigidaire cool connect out there in the market. You can find out more about each of these versions here on Amazon below.

The Frigidaire Cool Connect 6,000 BTU

The Frigidaire Cool Connect 8,000 BTU

The Frigidaire Cool Connect 10,000 BTU

The Frigidaire Cool Connect 12,000 BTU

The Frigidaire Cool Connect 12,000 BTU Smart Portable

Which version of the Frigidaire cool connect do you need?

The version that you need greatly depends on the size of your home. In one of my articles on making your air conditioner smart, I have discussed SEER ratings. So in this case, the size of the house you live in really matters.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is s measurement of units that are used to measure how much cooling a system puts out for each unit of energy that it consumes. This basically means that the higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently your air conditioner will work. So you may want to pay attention to it when doing the math on the air conditioner you would want to buy.

How do I install the Frigidaire Cool Connect?

The installation of the Frigidaire cool connect window units is quite straightforward. It is like installing any other simple window AC unit.

If you are preferring to install the portable unit then that could be quite different (as other portable air conditioners are) and could be potentially easier to install if you have a window which you can stick the house out of.

What Makes the Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart?

You can connect the Frigidaire cool connect through the Frigidaire App and have control over it from any place via your smartphone. You can alternatively control it using your voice via Alexa on your Amazon or via Google Home.

My Review of the Frigidaire Cool Connect Air Conditioner

Now that we have all that out of the way, I will now dive into the unit that I bought and the performance of the unit in the intense heat that we have experienced on the east coast this summer.

I bought the Frigidaire cool connect 8,000 BTU air conditioner. I wanted to cool my entire first floor of my house and I dint want to take chance with the 8000 BTU unit.

It turns out that I chose just fine!

The 8000 BTU unit covered the entire first floor from my office, that is completely closed off on one of the house to my kitchen and dining area that are completely on the other end on my house.

The process of installing went on just smoothly. I think I installed it in less than half an hour and I was done.

The Frigidaire has a sleek design that stands out and it is clean and elegant than the other air conditioners that I had in the house.

You would check out their current prices and reviews here on Amazon it would be better.


Over the years I have had many air conditioners. Most of the ones I bought were the cheap Walmart specials but they did not last long as I wanted.

But this has been running all summer long and they have not had any hitch. I can say that they are perfect for any house and a smart home enthusiast because of their ease of connectivity.

I think if you like to make your house ice cold then you would prefer the larger version that n what I did. But what I usually prefer my inside temperature is not to exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit on hot and humid summer days. That is one reason I chose the model I did.

I hope that this review was helpful to you. If so, then be sure to share it with your friends.

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