Schlage Sense vs. Connect vs. Encode vs. Yale Smart Lock Comparison

There are plenty of reasons why you should get a Smart Lock, it could be that you had to carry keys around or you need guest access codes for your Airbnb, or you would not want that extra cost of replacing keys for renters.

Schlage is one of the leading door lock brands, and now they are selling some of the best locks you can get in the market; we wanted to compare Schlage Sense vs. Connect vs. Encode vs. August 4th generation smart locks to help you figure out the one you should buy.

While they may all look similar, they are smart. Home integration is the main difference between the locks.

Schlage Sense works with HomeKit for controlling your lock using Siri; Schlage Connect is designed for z-wave integration and Alexa, while Schlage Encode is a Wi-Fi lock that does not require a hub.

Schlage Sense vs. Connect

We shall first have a look at Schlage because there are a few similarities between Schlage Sense, Connect, and Encode.

All three smart locks have

  • They all have an illuminated touch screen for typing your passcode; this is good for getting access when you don’t have your phone, or you want to let in some guests.
  • The battery operation is on for AA battery and a low battery warning.
  • It has up to 30 access codes, and you can give these codes to guests and housekeepers, although the Schlage Encode has a higher limit of up to 100 access codes.
  • They are all compatible with Android and iOS phones and devices.
  • They are all compatible with Alexa, and Google assistant though Sense and connect require you to pair with a home automation hub like Wink or SmartThings.
  • There are alerts for forced entry or if there is lock tampering using the built-in alarm sensors.
  • Both the mechanical parts and finish have a lifetime limited warranty.
  • They have the grade 1 highest residential security rating that enables extra lock strength.
  • They have enabled activity notifications when people come and go.
  • The installation just like any other deadbolt, except that there are a few steps of getting it working with your hub by downloading the app and synchronizing.
  • They have several finishes and trims that are available for the shape and color that you prefer on your home; they also sell matching entry handles and levers for each of their finishes to make your front door look impressive.
  • They all have high quality and design and light-up number keypads and hardware, which are impressive.

 Schlage Sense features

  • They are compatible with the Apple HomeKit, and this means that they can be controlled by Siri and Apple’s Home app.
  • They all work remotely in an updated iPad or Apple TV 3rd generation, although the iPad will have to stay at the house because it will act as your locks hub.
  • They also work remotely using a Wi-Fi adaptor which you can plug into any outlet; this is a good addition if you don’t have a HomeKit hub setup.
  • It does not work with Samsung SmartThings or other hubs, so if you want to build your Smart home within the platforms you have, don’t buy Schlage Sense because it is designed mainly for HomeKit use.

Schlage Connect features

  • It works with Alexa, unlike Schlage Sense which works with Siri because it is designed to control Amazon Alexa. If you are using Alexa to automate your home, this is a very great clock to get. It does not work with Siri and HomeKit.
  • It is compatible with z-wave, which enables you to connect to Smart home devices controlled with a smart Home Hub like SmartThings.
  • Remotely when you have paired it with a third party or alarm system like wink hub, vera, and SmartThings.

Schlage Encode features

  • It has a Wi-Fi lock that does not require a hub, so it works on its own, unlike Sense and Connect, which require a hub. This makes it simple to use because it requires less hardware plugged into the router.
  • It also works remotely, and you can lock or unlock it from anywhere since it uses Wi-Fi and there is no hub for remote controls.
  • It is smaller and quieter than the other locks, and it just takes up less space and produces no grinding noise.
  • The battery life is Shorter, while these others have an estimated battery life of 12 months. The battery will last for around six months because it uses Wi-Fi instead of a hub.

The Nest x Yale Lock

  • It is a key-free deadbolt that is secure and tamper-proof; you don’t have to worry about lost keys are not picked locks.
  • It enables Auto Relock when it knows you are away.
  • The installation is SIMple and replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes with just using a screwdriver.
  • One-touch locking is enabled for locking the door behind you.
  • You get a low battery alert on the lock and in your app for you to replace them.

App Features:

  • You are able to access it from anywhere using your nest app.
  • You get unique passcodes that you can give to family and guests and set the schedules to let them in.
  • Access to history is available when someone locks and unlocks the door.
  • It also works with nest secure alarm system; when you unlock the door, the alarm disarms automatically.

Lock Specifications:

  • Installs On Standard Doors In Minutes
  • Replaces existing deadbolt with just a screwdriver
  • It fits on doors 1 3/8″ to 2 1/4″ thick.
  • Backset 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″
  • Face Bore Hole: 2 1/8″
  • Edge Bore Hole: 1″
  • Adjustable latch

Which One to Buy

Anyone of these locks is a good buy, although it comes down to your preferences and set up.

Schlage Connect appears to be the choice that more smart home uses prefer since it has more Amazon reviews compared to Schlage Sense. The Schlage Connect works with Samsung SmartThings Alexa and other herbs like Z wave that makes it a great choice for most home users.

Schlage Encode is the new option and is smaller and quieter with its functionality updated. It’s the only lock that comes in a sleek matte black design.

Encode is good for those who want a Wi-Fi lock that will work remotely without needing a Smart Home Hub. Though the price may be higher, it has some higher qualities with good security. The Wi-Fi is built-in.

Schlage Sense is a great option if you are an apple lover and you have an iPad or iPhone, and are committed to using HomeKit.

Schlage Sense vs. Connect vs. Encode Best Smart Locks Comparison Conclusion

As you have seen from the specifications and features of these locks, each of them Has its own appeal. All of these models bring security and modern technology, which makes them an exciting prospect for smart Home users. When it comes to choosing the best model, then it comes down also to how much you may be willing to spend.

We may not recommend the cheapest option on the list because if you add slightly more, you will get a better version like the Schlage Sense. The Encode is in another League by its Price Tag, and this means you may not go wrong with their product. Schlage has been involved with deadbolt and locks for a long time, and I can say that they are some of the best smart locks that are available.

When it comes to the design, it is very hard for you to look beyond the Schlage Encode. This is because the big display enables you to have easy access to the numbers even at night and also offers a one-tap lock which helps to reduce home security worries.

I would highly recommend that you pay your Smart Lock with a hub then connect all your smartphone devices at home to help in tracking activities of your home using your smartphone app.

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