The Best Air Purifiers For Weed/Cannabis Smoke

Weed smoking is fun for some people, the smoke is mostly what they fancy. However, weed smoking is not pleasant to some people yet they are sharing a room with weed smokers. Cohabiting is never easy with such conditions. The smoke might be so choking and hence forcing either the active smoke or non-smoker to look for a private place to smoke r to evade the smoke respectively. Don’t worry much because technology is here for your rescue and in this article, we are going to guide you on the best Air purifiers for weed smoke. We will also share the disadvantages of some of these purifiers. Keep reading the article for vast knowledge on how to cohabit with weed smoke healthily.

Why Do I Need A Weed Smoke Purifier? 

You need a weed smoke purifier in your home especially if you smoke weed. You might be living with your family and some of the members are children and would be affected by the weed smoke. Some members may be suffering chronic problems and complications, others breathing problems. Asthmatic people are also affected by weed smoke. 

All the above are perfect reasons why you need a wee smoke purifier in your home. Sometimes you just need fresh air but you must smoke weed so a purifier is necessary to balance this equation.

How Does A Weed Smoke Purifier Work?

An Air Purifier does not eliminate the whole smoke but rather purifies the air in that smoke.

Purification means the elimination of dirt and unwanted contaminants that makes that Air unfavorable for Human health. Weed smoke has a lot of toxic substances that are harmful to human health. Some of these toxic substances include; Nitrogen Oxide, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Benzene. 

Air purifiers in our case, Weed Smoke Purifiers are fitted with special types of filters that trap and eliminate the toxic substances mentioned above. Carbon filters are the most common type of filters. They are many other filters such as HEPA filters and others that we will come across as we describe some of the best Air Purifiers.

These Air purifiers will clean the weed smoke such that there will be no weed smell in the room air.

What Are The Benefits Of Weed Smoke Air Purifiers?

The benefits of Air Purifiers are definite. The goal of every Air Purifier is to make the air conducive and pleasing to users in the given room. Therefore, the benefits of Air Purifiers are Few But Prime. They include;

  • Create a healthy environmentpurification simply means cleansing. The weed smoke is taken to the filtration process (purification) and the biggest percentage of toxic substances are greatly eliminated. The final product is healthy and most conducive for Human Health.
  • The final air is much pleasant weed smoke usually has some bad smell. Every other smoke and air that requires purification usually has some unpleasant smell. Air purifiers solve the problem of bad smells from this smoke. The room will not have a bad smell when there is an Air Purifier.

What Are The Best Air Purifiers For Weed Smoke?

There are several amazing Air Purifiers that you can use to purify weed smoke.  Here are some of the best;

  1. Germ Guardian AC4825E

This is purifiers are used for small rooms. It can also work in a medium room of about 12 by 13 feet. It works well to remove a bad smell.  It is unique as it kills Rhinovirus and Airborne Germs. It uses a HEPA filtration system.

It is also fitted with a UV-C bulb that kills Rhinovirus.


  • It is economical, not too expensive to purchase
  • It comes with a 4 in 1 pack
  • It is not too noisy
  • It has fitted with a HEPA filter
  • It eliminates allergens, dust, and bad smell


  • Can be noisy when the fan is at high speed
  • Doesn’t have any smart specs
  • High power consumption

You can find it on Amazon. Click this link;
  1. COWAY AP-1512HH Mighty

It aesthetically appealing, you would look at it and like it. For deco lovers, this will suit your Living Room well. It has the following features;

  • Consume maximum power of 78 watts and a minimum of 4.9
  • Can clean air for an area of about 18 by 19 feet.
  • It cleans air every 15 minutes in an hour
  • Fitted with HEPA filter that traps a larger percentage of germs and toxic substances.
  • Has 4 purifier layers 
  • Has a washable pre-filter.


  • Can work automatically
  • Fitted with dust sensor
  • Can control airflow
  • Has a washable pre-filter.
  • Has a timer


  • It has CADR but it is unfortunately not recognized by AHAM
  • Can be very noisy when the fan is at its maximum speed.
  • Cannot cover a wider range other than the specified

You can find it on Amazon. Click this link;


  • Cleans the Air after twice in an hour.
  • Covers a small area of 18 by 18 feet.
  • Has an average CADR of 1123.
  • Average power consumption of 35 watts when at high speed
  • It has minimum noise of 36 decibels


  • Has an auto mode
  • Has Air Quality Monitor
  • Fitted with Voice Command Control
  • Can eliminate smoke’
  • Less noisy
  • Has a timer


  • Highs costs of maintenance. 

                    You can find it on Amazon. Click this link;

  1. Fellowes AeraMax 200


  1. Has 4 weed smell filtration stages
  2. Has carbon filter
  3. Fitted with HEPA filters
  4. Cleans every 12 minutes in 60minutes
  5. Maximum Power consumption of 58 watt
  6. Has a big fan and air filter


  1. Its CARB is certified
  2. Uses less power
  3. Its HEPA filter is of the best quality
  4. Has an Antimicrobial Treatment
  5. Efficient for allergic and asthmatic people as it is approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  6. Fitted with PlasmaTrue Technology


  • Huge fan, hence very noisy at high fan speed.

   You can find it on Amazon. Click this link;

Are There Other Good Air Purifiers?

Yes, there are many other Purifiers of good quality. Other than the ones mentioned above, these are some of the best models (click on the links to view their prices and specs on amazon);


What are the factors to consider before purchasing an Air Purifier?

The following are some factors that should influence your decision of the best Air Purifier to purchase;

  1. The area size of the room– most purifiers cannot purify the air in very large rooms. So this should the first factor to put into consideration.
  2. HEPA filter and the quality– HEPA filters the finest particle of toxic substances and quality is key for excellent performance. Look at the specs of the purifier to find the purifier with the best HEPA.
  3. UV-C light bulb– this feature kills airborne germs hence it is important to consider this feature for your purifier.
  4. Power consumption– some purifiers have huge fans and use more power than others. The amount of power it consumes should be worth your objectives
  5. The Type of Filter– There are several types of filters including Carbon filters which are very critical for cigarette smoke. Choose the type filter according to the amount and type of smoke you want to purify.   

What technologies are used to purify weed smoke?

There are different technologies most of which are already discussed above. For clerical purposes. I will give you a summary of these technologies. They include;

  1. Hybrid technology is a combination of HEPA and Carbon filters.
  2. HEPA filters technology is very effective in eliminating toxic substances.
  3. Carbon Filters technology eliminate carbon particles
  4. Ozone generators technology removes ozone gases.
  5. Ionizers technology – this technology uses electric charges that cause toxic substances and are out of the air being purified.


In summary, we can say that it is possible to cohabit with weed and cigarette smokers and still consume clean and healthy air. The above devices work effectively. All the described devices have less or minimum CONS therefore high quality and probability of purifying the air.

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