What To Do If Your Prime Video Is Not Working

You enjoy doing a range of activities using Amazon Prime Video. The main activity is watching your favorite movies and series. The experience may be cut short when the Amazon prime video fails to work on your TV. Sometimes you may come across ‘something went wrong’ message whenever you are trying to connect and use Prime Video or no message at all and the app is not working.

There could be some reasons for this problem. In this article we will discuss some of these reasons and methods you can use to fix the problems.

Reasons Why Prime Video Is Not Working

There could be many specific reasons for this problem and we may not be able to cover them all in this article. In case your problem is not covered in the article, you can always contact Amazon customer care/services. We will discuss some of the common reasons for the ‘Prime Video not working problem’ across all Amazon Prime users.

Here are some of these common reasons:

1. Deactivated Account/Expired Subscription

Your Amazon Prime account might not be functional. Sometimes you may have deactivated the account and forgotten to activate. In some cases, the subscription might have expired. All of these may result to your Amazon Prime app not working.

2. Weak WIFI Signal/ Weak Internet Connection

The Amazon Prime app cannot function without a good internet connection. Your WIFI signals may be weak hence poor internet connection that makes your Prime Video fail to function. Sometimes WIFI connection is indicated but internet connection is not available. You might need to seek the help of your WIFI/Internet service providers.

3. App Problems And Failures

This is a common problem with most (if not all) apps. Every other connection might have been done perfectly but the app software might be experiencing latency or other problems. You may need to restart the app by uninstalling the app before installing it again.

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Fixing Amazon Prime Video Not Functioning 

Now that we know why your amazon Prime Video is not working, you have to fix the problems and resume enjoying the services that come with the app. Here are some of the methods of fixing the problem:

Fix The WIFI/Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is one of the reasons why your Amazon Prime Video is not working. You need to check your WIFI connection/network connection. You can do a simple test for your network, try using other devices that are connected to the same network. If they are not working, then there could be a problem with your internet connection. To fix this, you need to restart your router or modem. Follow these steps to restart your router or modem:

  • Disconnect the router or modem from the power source.
  • Leave the router or modem off for 3-5 minutes.
  • Reconnect back to power and switch on.

Alternatively, you can long press the power button on your router (the buttons vary from one router to another) until there is a red glow. Press again to power it on.

If you are using wireless connections, then you may need to move the device you are using closer to the router or modem so that you can establish a stronger connection since the signals are nearby. In case you are using Ethernet connection, then the cables should be of top quality. Using low quality cables can cause you trouble and you may not establish the internet connection in the end.

Restart Your TV

Many software problems are fixed by restarting the device. Some users have tried this method and it has worked for them well. Just like your smartphone, some apps may fail to function, fixing the problem might need you to restart the device. Restarting the TV may vary from one brand to another. However, the process has a general format that works for all the brands. Here the steps you can follow to restart your TV:

  • Locate the power button on your remote control, long press the button for seconds. Continue pressing until the TV restarts.
  • Your TV may not restart. If this is the case, then disconnect the TV from the power source for 5 minutes then connect back.

The above steps are simple, you should try and see whether the problem is resolved. 

Pause All The Ongoing Downloads In The Background And Deactivate VPNs

First, you may need to deactivate VPNs, they sometimes cause apps that use the internet to stop working. Heavy downloads may weaken the internet’s strength. Prime Video uses a heavy internet connection. These background downloads might be the reason for your Prime Video not working. Check if there is any content being downloaded. Pause or stop all the downloading that are ongoing. 

In your room, there might be some people streaming live videos. Stop all the live streaming so that the WIFI is not overwhelmed. Gaming also consumes heavy internet. This could be the reason for poor internet on your Amazon Prime Video side.

You should therefore stop all the gaming and live streaming activities that are using the same internet connection as yours so that you can achieve a stronger internet connection.

Use the Amazon Prime Video On Other Devices

Amazon Prime may only be faulty on your TV. Other devices that are nearby may function well. Try using the app on your smartphone. This is the first device you should try using since it is frequently used.

You can try using it on your PC or tablet. Mac devices also support the app, if you have these devices, then you can also try using them provided they are connected to your WIFI/internet connection.

Uninstall The Prime Video App And Install Again

The app may be experiencing some software problems which are out of your control. You have limited control over many applications, especially amazon apps. Therefore the remaining option that you are left with is uninstalling the app. Once you uninstall the app, you can wait for a few minutes before installing it back. Here are the steps you can follow to uninstall the app:

  • Move to settings on your TV using your remote control.
  • Navigate to Application Manager.
  • Choose the App, in our case, the Prime Video app.
  • Click on it and uninstall.

After a few minutes, reboot your TV, install back the app and check whether the problem is resolved.

Clear Cache Of The Prime App

The above mentioned procedure may help you clear cache but it is better to clear it using the right cache clearing procedure. The procedure may not be the same for all the TV brands but we will give you the general procedure. Follow these steps to clear the App cache:

  • Locate the Home button on your remote control.
  • Move to settings, then choose Apps.
  • On the apps, move to System Apps.
  • On the system apps, choose the app (Prime Video App).
  • Click on clear cache and Tap OK to authorize the process.

Try Using A Streaming Device

The most common and efficient way to use streaming devices are streaming sticks. Most streaming sticks support the Amazon Prime app. You can easily access the app without installing it on your smart TV. The only thing that you should have is a strong internet connection. The first stick that we recommend is the Amazon Fire stick since both the app and the stick are from the same producer/manufacturer (Amazon).

How To Reduce Data Usage On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick is a blogpost I wrote earlier and I would recommend you read it.

There are other streaming sticks in the market that you can consider using such as Roku. The goal is to have access and effectively use the Amazon Prime Video app.

Update The Amazon Prime Video App

Maybe your app is not updated hence the constant ‘not working’ problem. Many apps may fail to work when the version you are using is old. Most of these apps will require you to update them to the latest version in order for them to function well. Amazon Prime is not an exception. Updating the app is simple, follow these steps to update your Prime Video:

  • Navigate to the App store of your smart TV.
  • Go to the Prime Video or search for the App in the search option if you can’t find it.
  • There is Detail page, open the page.
  • There is always an option for Update whenever a new update has been developed.

You should do this frequently, so that your app is up-to-date always. This will help you avoid the ‘not working’ problem.

Update Your Location

Your location on the TV may not be the actual location that you are in. This may cause the Prime Video not to perform its functions/not to work entirely. You may have experienced the same when trying to use some apps in your smartphone and trying to set the location. This has worked for some users.

Setting location is the easiest procedure, move to Settings and locate Location.

Update Your TV 

Maybe your TV version is outdated hence causing this problem. Updating it could help solve the problem. We have discussed updating the app and you should do the same for your TV so that the problem is resolved.

Follow these steps to update your TV:

  • Navigate to settings using your TV remote and choose Support/All Settings.
  • Scroll to Software Update.
  • Click Ok so that the update process is activated/update is installed depending on your TV brand.

The above process also requires a good internet connection. Make sure your internet is good so that the process works. 

Use Your Smart TV Manual 

Different TV models and brands have their formats and ways of activating applications whenever you install them. They also have some ways of troubleshooting some app related problems. All this information is mostly in the manual that you get when you purchase the TV.

Alternatively, you can go to google and type the model of your TV to get more ways of troubleshooting the problem.

Conduct A Factory Reboot On Your TV

Do not try this option if you have not tried all of the above options. This should come as the last option if all of the above have failed. You should have tried all of the above procedures at least twice for each procedure. This procedure should be last since all of your data and information that you have installed in the TV will be erased entirely.

You may consider backing the data using an external device like a hard disk or your PC. TV brands have different ways of factory resetting. Use your manual to check the procedure for your version. However you can move to Settings then scroll to Reset To Default settings/Initial settings then click Yes/OK. These simple steps will help you factory reset your TV. 

The process is sought as the last option since it cannot be reversed once you start. There is no going back on what you have started and that is why you should think about it deeply before you resolve to perform it.

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